Game Boy Advance Crystal Super Modded with AGS101-B LCD

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GBA Ice Crystal Super modded with AGS-101 Screen

GBA the best console model of all GB serials , It Just need the best LCD Display !!!

Modded with Super Bright ASG-101 type B Screen beat GBASP and bring you the ultra sharp display NEVER EVER!
High Transparent Lens
Customized Case

Most Important thing you need to know, it might surprised you:

Modded LCD screen GBA is much more Power Saving than Original Non modded back light GBA

If you dont believe it please check out the youtube Video == Backlit Modded Game Boy Advance Battery Life Test ==

2 AA battery could last almost 24 hours while standard gba last just over 20 hours


This is the Ultra console you deserve to have !

Please see the youtube video below for the effect of the AGS-101-B screen

Beside we do not over charge people for ridiculous price, we make it affordable!

Please No negotiation on price, Please do not ask again

Super modded GBA console

1. Replacement of ASG-01 super bright LCD screen
2, Customized case all over: Crystal
3. High Transparent lens
4. Customized Ice Crystal Buttons

Please refer the photos

All parts ordered from oversea plus 5 hours labour,

Lots work involved, cuts , buffer , soldering, wire layout, enforcement, dust clean, to give you best comfort

Please be noticed, this is carefully selected 10 1-1 with 32pin lcd screen socket, this is the model which display the best graphics that GBA could do , its much more better than GBA SP, of course much better grab comfort as well. The most important thing: it got back light !!

In order to achieve best display, a high transparent lens mounted