2024 New ! Game Boy DMG OLD GB GAME BOY IPS LCD Backlight with 32 retro colors

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===The console in photo is sample only ===

This is it! The final form of the backlight for game boy DMG

New PCB replacement with A/B, D-Pad and Start/Select contact
32 retro colors touch switching, adjustable light wheel, this is the final !!

Brightness adjustment replaces contrast wheel
Upgradable contact for new speaker

For the first time in New Zealand!

The final formation of Game Boy DMG mod

The ultimate Built-in 36 retro color combination !

Classic Game Boy Pocket With 2024 New Backlight Moudule Built-in 36 retro color combination as photos

Built-in 32 retro color combination with touch control
Accurate aspect ratio

for adjustable left wheel

1 up or down of wheel to adjust brightness

2 press the wheel once then up and down to change the colors

3 long hold wheel for 5 seconds to enable filter to HD mode

Overall power consumption between 0.3 - 0.8W
Fully compatible with all classic game boy games

1 x GB DMG IPS Ribbon Cable
1 x Keyboard
1 x IPS Ribbon cable
4 x Supporters
1 x 3M Seal Pad
1 x Glass lens
1 x Screen Ruler