2024 New ! Game Boy Pocket GBP IPS LCD Backlight with 32 retro colors

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===The console in photo is sample only ===

Upgrade your Game Boy Pocket (GBP) with this Game Boy Pocket IPS LCD Backlight Kit. IPS LCD's are characterized as having the best color and viewing angles available today. Take your old and outdated reflective pocket display to a bright and colorful upgrade your 10 year old self could only dream of.

Case modification and soldering required
Built-in 36 retro color combination
11% larger than the original LCD
Overall power consumption between 0.3 - 0.8W
Accurate aspect ratio
All glass lenses have a battery LED hole
WARNING: IPS LCDs are very fragile and are subject to breaking if not handled with extreme care.

Since GBP USES two AAA batteries, the maximum capacity we can find is at 1100mWh. According to our repeated tests, it ran the original cartridge at normal brightness indoors for about 3 hours.
If you use the burn card, it will greatly reduce the battery life.
It is recommended to use an electronic cleaner to handle your power switch and gray scale adjustment buttons. This makes the LCD brightness adjustment smoother to use
1 GBP IPS Ribbon Cable
3M adhesive installation foam
Glass screen with LED hole