2022 New ! Game Boy Color BUTTON LED KIT

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===The console in photo is sample only === ===This is consumable item and is not refunable after use=== Breathing light design. RGB color stepless adjustment. Support LED off. Ultra-low power consumption, 0.045W. Support low battery detection. PRODUCTS INCLUDE: GBC LED ribbon × 1

Product Description:

  1. This product is used to achieve the effect of button light (it needs to be matched with transparent buttons to achieve the best effect)
  2. There are 4 modes to choose: 1. Monochrome Light, 2. Gradient Light, 3. White Light, 4. Off
  3. Color can be set in monochrome mode, and brightness can be set in all modes
  4. The upper left corner of the LED Light Kit leads to the solder joints of the motherboard "SELECT" and "START" buttons. If you use our shop's 2021 highlight ips v3 screen, you can lead to this point, it is better than the hollow solder joints on the original motherboard.


  1. Long press "A"+"B" buttons, to switch between four modes.
  2. In monochrome light mode: Press and hold "Select"+ "A" or "B" to switch colors until the color is satisfied. Release the long-pressed button to save it.
  3. In all modes: "Start"+ "A"/ Press and hold "A" to switch the brightness of the light, until the brightness is satisfied, release the long-pressed button to save it.