2024 V3 Backlight IPS LCD PCB Kit For Game Boy Advance No Soldering EASY INSTALL

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2024 V5 Backlight Kit has arrived. 2.9 inch Orginal Size, No Wire required any more, Simplly connect and playing !!

Full instruction provided after auction close.


Highlight LCD Screen MOD kits For GBA Brightness IPS LCD Screen For GBA Cut-free shell No welding Original Size Screen

1.IPS LCD screen. No need for chipping welding. easy installation.

  1. Distribute 32-pin and 40-pin flat cables, which can be used no matter what version you are. GBASP can also be supported by purchasing GBASP cables.
  2. The normal AA battery lasts about 10 hours, and the power consumption of different game cards will vary. Support low battery prompt.
  3. Support point-to-point display. Display in black and white.
  4. Support shutdown brightness memory and display style memory.

Each set of LCD screens has been tested before shipment. It is best not to install it before installation. Power on and test it first to avoid subsequent installation errors that may cause the LCD screen to fail to operate normally.

Items contain: 1 IPS screen 2 Ribbon Cable X2 (32PIN / 40PIN) 3 Green Drive Board X1 4 Double side tape 5 Plastic plates