Pandora Box 3D Mini Arcade Portable Retro Console

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Due to related copy rigth we will not include any games with the console  


Pandora Box 3D Mini Arcade Video Game Console Portable Moonlight Treasure Retro Game Console 

Pandora box 3D

  • In order to ensure the game originally and to strengthen the operating feel of fast and accurate. Mainboard comes with classic retro all-in-one arcade games. The game is optimized by several hardware and software technology developers and has gone through the ultra-high level enthusiast player test.

  • Host connection controller: need to plug in the wireless receiver firstly, and then turn on console (you can restart the host when it is turned on)

Game pause and save function

  • The mainboard has a key to suspend function

  • The latest add archive, read file function, save the next time you


  • 4 GAME CONTROLLERS CAN BE CONNECTED One signal receiver can connect 2 game controllers

Connect various types of displays

  • Product and computer connection steps

  • Use the USB public connection line in the accessory to connect the mainboard and computer mainboard.No need to install any driver (Support for all Windows systems).

  • After the hardware driver installation is completed, turn into the "Device Manager" you can see the relevant device Click [Start]-[Device and printer】The corresponding icon will appear Click [right-hand button]to select[Game controller settings】After click properties, Check the status of its controls and perform key testing

  • Open the game or simulator you want to play, enter the key settings, key mapping you can play the game freely Connect to other monitors to use

Support 3D games

  • Game dynamic preview function allows you to quickly and effectively select games

4-core CPU Processor

  • Built-in heat-dissipating fan, the game runs more smoothly

Wireless controller

  • Fast signal transmission and long transmission distance