4K 3 In 1 Cable Splitter 1080P Video Switcher Adapter For PS5 DVD HDTV TV Laptop

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Product description Tobo Capture 4K Ultra HD 3D 3 Port HDMI Switch Hub HDTV Video with Remote Control Video capture card Compatible With , X- box One, PS3, 4, TV.

Feature: This Video capture HDMI 3 input 1 output 4k Ultra HD switch makes it easy to switch three sources to one display, and has both a button change function and a remote control function. Not only does it bring you benefits, but it also saves you time. This HDMI Capture switch 3 in 1 can transmit high definition video (4K*2K) and digital audio from any source port to the display. The source port of all input devices can match the port of HD video at the same time, and is compatible with HD-DVD, SKY-STB, PS4, X-box6, digital HDTV, plasma display, LCD, set-top box, DVD player, Blu-ray player, digital camera, audio/video receiver, home video, video projector etc. HDMI Video capture Switcher output port delivers high-definition audio/video signals to high-definition displays.

Specification: Support 4K * 2K, 3840 * 2160P Multi-function switch: smart or mechanical Support HDMI v2.0 Maintain high resolution (up to 2160p), 4K * 2K Function: Signal amplification, image transformation and image selection Interface 25 meters at both ends of the transmission distance Compatible with HDCP devices The Capture HDMI 3 input 1 output port switch is a product that can switch multiple HDMI signals to a high-definition display device such as a UHD HDTV.

Package Included : 1 x Capture HDMI Switch 3 To 1 1 x Remote 1 x USB Cable 1 x Power cable 1 x IR Cable.