A Pair of Joycon controller Original Metal Lock Buckle for Switch Replacement

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This auction is for a pair of mental buckles

1.Use the Y screwdriver to open 4 screws on the joy con.
2.Use the X screwdriver to open the screw inside the joy con.
3.Take down the small iron
4.Then take the original lock buckle out carefully.
5.Then put the spring into the metal lock buckle.
6.Put the metal lock buckle into the joy con and press the spring into the slot.
7.Finally,put back the small iron and the screw.Close the joy con case back.

Color:silver, black
Fit for :For switch controller
Type:metal , alloy

Package Included:
1 x left side metal lock buckle
1 x right side metal lock buckle

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$8 deal for the number listed

1 switch Joy-con analog / rocker
2 switch ribbon cable ZR ZL a pair
3 switch ribbon cable SL SR a pair
4 switch slider track for joy-con each
5 switch hand wrist strap a pair
6 switch black support leg with metal
7 switch plastic buckle lock set

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