Black 2400mAh External Battery Charger Power Storage Pack for Sony PSP 2000 3000

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*A perfect item for PlayStation Portable user and lovers

*Ideal design for providing a lot of stored power to charge up your battery in case of low battery of your Game

*Just connect to the device and charge the battery easily

*Can use AC adaptor to charge itself for power backup storage

*Intelligent self-protection system, protecting the battery from overcharge, over discharger and over current

*Extra long battery for playing game system

*Compact, portable and easy to carry

*Capicity: 2400mAh

*Output voltage: DC 5.5V; 700mA

*Can be recharged for approximately 500 times

*Includes a piece of cable

*Dimension: 73×71×10MM

*Color: Black

Package includes: 1 x external battery

Compatible with: Sony PSP 2000/3000