==Boost with PC / Power Bank!== 3V USB cable for Game Boy Color/Pocket GBC GBP

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===This auction is for 1 X cable only ===
===Power bank and GBC is not included ===

2 AA battery , its not much but here is better solution by using your usb port , yes any 5v usb port from your power bank , your pc , your phone power adapter , then the cable as be used for powering up your gbc for infinity time

Here you go! Designed and created for game boy color, game boy pocket or game boy light, very creative design and easy to be used.

The best solution for your beloved retro console: USB power adapter cable . Simply hook up with your pc / power bank and play!

the cable itself comes with build-in voltage booster module, it will down stream 5v power to 3v supplying power, extra led/resistor carry built in to prevent the disconnection from the power bank due to power consumption below minim , pin fitting just right into the DC jack on the pad smooth and tight. Over current protection is built in. This is a strictly tested reliable.

Basic Info:

Length: 1m
Input: 5v
Output: 3v 2A

Please do not use it on other electronics devices, its made just for mentioned console above.
please remember to unplug it after use, just in case some power bank will not disconnect automatically due to its own design

we also selling the cable for gbp gbc gbl, we provide solution for GBA charging. all question welcome!

this auction is for one usb power boost cable

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