GBA Backlight Backlit IPS LED Screen + PCB Module Lvl10 BRT Beat. AGS101

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Enjoy the new created IPS screen created in May 2019, Its tested in fantastic outcome, crystal clear display

First 6 sample items freshly arrived in Auckland, The first all built in one ISP LED screen in the world

Enjoy the Great Improvement compare with Old AGS101 screen

1. Solid Led Screen with IPS point to point display , Crystal Clear ever ! upgrading on both brightness and colors
2. 10 levels brightness control suit for all kinds needs
3. Thinner than AGS101 , easy to install, all build in on ribbon cable , No solid required, regardless 40pin or 32pin board
4. No adapter needed Clean and tidy
5. Free Glass lens all necessary kits are included !
6. Much less cost! Save your time and money !

Whats included in the package?
Please check the photos for the details, if you still not sure, please leave me the question, I ll answer the product related questions.

Please be hurry! Only 6 pieces arrived at this time !

Any question? Feel free to ask !