IFu Portable Cordless Electric Screwdriver With 22 Bits tip game console Switch repiar tools

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Triwing - Y 0.6 for switch and nintendo console screw repair
G 4.5 , G3.8 will also be included

IFu Portable Cordless Electric Screwdriver With 22 Drill Bits For Small Precision Devices Laptop Smart Phone Watch Cameras Drone

It looks simple,also simple to use.Pen-shaped design is fit for people using habit,which is 18% smaller dia sized than whiteboard pen for easy to grip;the motor drives screwdriver simple operating and labor-saving; White body black button makes the product easy to identify.Easy to master the using method;


With the development of science , the way of working is becoming more and more automated and intelligent. (product pronoun) xxx has built a new way of working. Through the built-in motor output shaft to tighten or loosen the screws; to have a delicate use , The adjusted output speed is 150 rpm, which can meet more than 80% of the working conditions (suitable for repairing precision or daily household products); when it exceeds the power of the motor supplied, it can be loosened by manual operation and then automatically disassembled, when installing screws. You can continue to tighten the screws by manual tightening and then manually. Automated creation of easier work and therefore higher efficiency.



Torque:0.2 N.m / 3 N.m

Rotating speed :150r/min.
Dry battery:Rated Voltage 3V DC.

Screw pits size:4 x 28mm , 4 x 45mm.