LCD Screen ribbon cable connector for Nintendo Switch ZIF FPC flex socket

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  • Replacement ZIF connector socket for Nintendo Switch LCD FPC ribbon cable.
  • Connects the LCD screen display flex cable to the mainboard of the console.
  • Detailed soldering needed.
  • Requires a tri-wing & philips #00 screwdriver to install (not included)


Replace a broken LCD ribbon cable ZIF connector with this replacement part.

The flip lock can commonly become broken, which prevents the LCD ribbon from making a connection to the mainboard, and ultimately resulting in no display on the screen.

Typically the fragile plastic locks are almost impossible to replace, so removing the entire zif connector and soldering a new one in place will normally be the only option.

Other no display issues may also be resolved by replacing the ribbon cable connector but do consult an expert if you are unsure and not electronics trained.

Installing the part requires detailed soldering skills.

Requires console disassembly, a tri-wing and philips #00 screwdriver are needed to install this part (not included).