PC Engine TurboGrafx 16 AV /RGBs Extending Booster

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PC Engine TurboGrafx 16 AV Booster/RGBS

This is AV/RGBS Video Booster for PC Engine or TurboGrafx 16

With this booster your PC Engine can output

1)Composite Video / RCA

2) RGBS ( Note: Not component video but RGBS, eg, most of the Sony PVM use RGBS - S mean Sync )

RGBS in 2 format : RCA ports and MD2 ports No mod is needed. No extra power supply needed

*Note: You have to make sure the connector *All the way* into the Expansion port of PC Engine and make sure the connection is firm ( eg, you have to push a bit hard but of course, DON'T force it too hard )

This AV/RGBS booster does work with US Turbografx 16 since the expansion port pinout are same as PC Engine.

Any question, feel free to ask