Retro Game Arcade Machine Screen Scanline Video Generator Board VGA Connection

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MY SLG Retro version of the scanner is based on the basis version to add the following features: One can add RGB adjustment function, you can fine-tune the red, green and blue colors, change the intensity of the scan line and improve the brightness of the # 40; individual users use the main feeling of dark screen The reason is that RGB does not have a good debugging #41;; Second, adding HV mixed signal function, with ATI low solution can output RGBS signal, to facilitate the computer low solution to connect the arcade frame.

Let your game picture , looks more and mor classic!!!!!!

If you are an avid classic game players but missed the CRT tube (TV) a good time!Do you think the classic (vintage) in today's game run LCD TV \ display picture do not look good?If your answer is YES!!! let our solve the problem for you !!!!

Classic game picture secret !!!! The line of violence, the processing of special color ~~~~~~~~

OUR Scanline Generator SLG CAN Help you DO like this picture !!!!!

This auction is contain 1 unit of generator