Sega Nomad Modded with Digital LCD screen Sharp Display

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Sega Nomad

=== Whats Sega Nomad? =====
The Genesis Nomad (also known as Sega Nomad) is a handheld game console by Sega released in North America in October 1995. The Nomad is a portable variation of Sega's home console, the Sega Genesis (known as the Mega Drive outside North America). Designed from the Mega Jet, a portable version of the home console designed for use on airline flights in Japan, Nomad served to succeed the Game Gear and was the last handheld console released by Sega. Unique about the Nomad is its additional functionality as a home console through a video port designed to be used with a television set. Released late in the Genesis era, the Nomad had a short lifespan.
Sold exclusively in North America, the Nomad was never officially released worldwide, and employs regional lockout. Because of the timing of Nomad's release in October 1995, Nomad released to an active game library of over 500 Genesis titles, but did not include any pack-in titles itself. Sega's focus on the Sega Saturn left the Nomad undersupported, and the handheld itself was incompatible with several Genesis peripherals, including the Power Base Converter, the Sega CD, and the 32X.

Modded with Qimei 3.5 inch LCD screen with driver board, carefully built into the console , see photo

Lots work involved, very sharp display

Really enjoy to complete the project

All Key and button has been tested with no problem , you wont forget the touch feel of the button setup on nomad , the best and the most comfortable button ever in portable console

It comes with

modded Nomad
Power Adapter

everdrive MD flasher is available for extra