Wireless Bluetooth Nintendo Switch Pro NS Lite NFC Turbo 6-Axis doublemotor

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Newest wireless Bluetooth controller for Nintendo Switch Pro NS lite and PC gamepad with NFC 6-Axis doublemotor 3D Joysticks home wake up features

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1. Product description:
This product belongs to the Nintendo Switch Pro wireless (bluetooth) controller, which is connected with the Switch host and supports NFC functions.

2. Product features:
(1)All keys and corresponding functions of the original Switch controller, increase the function of adjusting the continuous speed and motor vibration strength;
(2) 4 green LED status indicators and 1 orange LED charging indicator;
(3) 20 function keys, “docking” key is convenient for the first pairing and shutdown;
(4) Built-in dual-motor, high-precision 3D joysticks;
(5) With 6-axis gyroscope;
(6) Compatible with PC host (support X_input mode).