Wireless Bluetooth USB Controller Converter Adapter 4 Switch to PS4/PS3/Xbox

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The controller adapter is a no lag USB device that connects via a free USB port on the Nintendo Switch docking station. This then allows a Bluetooth connecting controller, such as a PlayStation 4 or Xbox ‘One S’ controller to be used or alternatively ANY PS4, PS3, or Xbox 360 or Xbox One USB wired controller.


The controller adapter allows any controller using Bluetooth to connect to the Switch and be used in gaming with virtually no lag.

This includes but isn’t restricted to:

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Pro

Xbox One S

Xbox One X

1) Plug the controller adapter into an empty USB socket on the Nintendo Switch Dock.

2) When connected press the sync button on the side of the adapter.

3) The adapter should now be flashing yellow.

4) Choose your controller and set it to search e.g. Xbox One S sync button or for PS4 hold the sync and PS button

5) After a minute they will connect and the light will turn to a solid green colour.

6) It’s now connected and ready for use…..

Alternatively, simply connect the USB cable to your controller and the other end into the
controller adapter. The light will turn green immediately and there should be a vibration
prompt indicating that the controller is ready for use.